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Let’s break all records!

Show Levent & Oskar how much tk is rooting for them. Send your greetings to Levent & Oskar in Rio. We want top spot, too. It’s in your hands! Can we generate the most posts ever for a we.moments activity. A draw will be made from all #tkgoesRio moments to win three T-shirts from the Adidas collection signed by Oskar and Levent. Come on – Levent & Oskar need your support!

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#tkgoesRio #Rio2016 Maracanã Stadium

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Soccer in Rio 2016. Brazil X Colombia.
Waiting for Brazil X Germany (Gold Medal Match)

From: Luiz Rigo

Nominee: André Henriques

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#gooskar #golevent #estamosnatorcida #tkgoesrio

From: Phamela Sudré

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Wir haben Levent Tuncat tatkräftig die Daumen gedrückt und ihn ein Stück auf seinem Weg begleitet.

Da wir hier in Duisburg alle mitgefiebert haben, schockte uns die aktuelle Nachricht von Levents Verletzung. Wir senden ihm auf […]

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Ready for the quarterfinals: Germany x New Zealand! #hockey #gooskar #WirfuerD

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I’m work in Thyssenkrupp Elevators for more than 25 years.
Special Projects is my area, here we make the new products, by the needs of our customers.

From: Ladimir Abdala

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#tkgoesRio. CSA team together for Vitória Rosa

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Aniversariantes do Mês. TKCSA

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Special day. Kids from CSA’s Social Projects and Levent!

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Keep calm and go for GOLD! Christo and we are with you 😉 #together

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Estamos todos na torcida!

Erickson Russo

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Germany x Netherlands: winner of the group stage! #hockey #gooskar #WirfuerD

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Shooting at Erich Heine School :) #tkgoesRio

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Oskar e Levent, sejam bem vindos ao Rio de Janeiro. Estamos na torcida por vocês. Contem com nosso apoio nessa caminhada.

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